Buyers Tastes - 10 Things a Seller Needs to Know

Buyers Tastes - 10 Things a Seller Needs to Know
1. Coffee and Croissants? Yes please.
The smell that hits you when you walk through the door of a prospective property can add to that all important first impression. An instantly inviting and comforting smell of baking bread, fresh coffee or flowers can provide people that sense of homeliness and the lifestyle they desire. However odors of wet dog, cigarettes and rubbish will certainly have them recoiling back out of the door. Self-respecting vendors should take heed that these little touches can go a long way.
2. Shower/ Bath
Recently a GoCompare survey recorded 61% of likely buyers choose to shower than to have a bath. Whenever you are sprucing up that bathroom of yours before a sale, consider mixer bathtaps/shower. A shower over bath is the perfect solution instead of attempting to make a four piece suite in a small space. Also it won’t rule out the all-important family buyers who would turn their noses up in a bathroom only containing a lonely shower unit.
3. Garden or Garage, garden or garage…
The same survey revealed that about 68% of prospective buyers confirm they will like a garden rather than a garage. Most people use their garage as storage facilities these days, or even converting them into an extra room/ extension to add value to their property. I would just propose that a garage that isn’t a junk room and a garden that doesn’t look like a jungle can certainly both be great selling points.
4. How far is Asda?
Being a stone’s throw to shops and local amenities is more useful than good schools as reported by the buyers surveyed by GoCompare. Many people wanted a shop located within a short walk more than a school in the vicinity. Best to seriously promote this when selling your home, or even provide a nice information pack for people to take away with them detailing this.
5. Show Home Vs Pigsty?
It is a good idea to strike a balance between presenting your property as a show home and one that is ‘way too lived in.’ No-body wants to walk over clothes strewn over your bedroom floor or admire your underwear hanging up to dry. However a property that is immaculately or too minimally turned out can also be off-putting as they are really searching for a home that is comfortable and shows signs of life.
6. Energy efficiency
The central heating system in a property is always the center of the attention of buyers these days and they also will expect you to have quite a bit of knowledge on how old the boiler is, how it operates and when it was last serviced. Be prepared to provide viewers explanations on how your home is well-insulated and the energy efficiency rating. Also having your gas and electricity bills to hand also provides people a benchmark on what they can expect to pay to run your home.
7. Availability of internet facility
One of the hot topics at the moment is the connection to the internet in your home, and more importantly the speed. Movies and music streaming, surfing the internet, making video calls and the ability to work at home are the expectation of the buyers nowadays .To check the speed of broadband around your location feel free to check Rightmove’s broadband tool. Furthermore people will ask you if are able to get Sky or Virgin in the area/in the property. Particularly with Sky and a property being leasehold- how would you be able to get a dish put on the roof?
8. Have clarification on what your are selling
Discuss with your agent as well as your solicitor prior to the house being open for viewings, what you will be including in the sale and the things that perhaps could be negotiated with the potential buyer. Buyers hate surprises, and to find quite far down the line that the turf and lovely roses in the garden are gone, carpets ripped up, light fittings removed and built in wardrobes no-where to be seen could throw a spanner in the works. People want to know what they are paying for and could suddenly propose a price decrease at near completion stage as their budgets are stretched to the maximum and they find out that they really will be buying an empty shell.
9. Make is simple and easy
If you desire people to buy your home, you have to make it simple for them to see it. It may sound obvious. For example, try not to limit viewings to just during the day, as you do not want to be disturbed in the evenings as that won’t work for peoples working schedules. Try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.
10. Rudeness and Insensitivity
You will be amazed how honest many people will be as they take a look round a property. Don’t be annoyed by people’s plans for the house, as it is important they can openly discuss how they can turn your house into theirs. Many viewers will make unnecessary compliments/remarks and does it matter if they don’t understand why you made a feature wall in the living room or the way you arranged your furniture that way in the bedroom? Try not to take any criticisms they have to heart. House-hunters are also trying to discover any faults with your home to determine how it can work for them on a practical basis. By Natalie Elms. Senior Sales & Lettings Negotiator at Property People. Estate agents in Wimbledon Park
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