Clapham Area Guide

For those who don’t want to give up the student way of life, Clapham is the perfect place for you. Each year, thousands of graduates move into the area shortly after leaving uni. Why? It has a certain comfort to it and sense of community that other places in London don’t. Or, more likely, it’s because of Infernos – the student-inspired sweatbox which we all love to hate. What’s more, Clapham Junction, like Berlin (bear with me), is one of the few places in London which actually comes alive on a Sunday. Yes, really. One afternoon, when I was half way through my walk of shame, I noticed dozens of drunk people in fancy dress swarming around the junction. At first, I thought I was having some kind of bad trip as my eyes darted from one vicar and tart to another, but then I overheard one of them saying they were going to The Church. Really? Dressed like that? But when I relayed the story to a friend she told me The Church was actually an event at The Clapham Grand nightclub. Oh. Suddenly I felt like the most uncool person on earth. The following weekend, I decided to check it out. There was something quite liberating about donning a slutty bunny outfit and heading for a club in the daytime. Incredibly, doors opened at noon and naturally, I partied until the very end. After, I hopped on a bus to Clapham North to watch some bands at Venn St. Needless to say, Monday morning was a bit of a struggle. But Sundays are the new Fridays so I’ve learnt. Bar the vibrant nightlife, there’s an Asda. Yes, I know, a big green Asda with actual trollies and a home section. A luxury for most of us London-based who are limited to Sainsbury’s Local or Tesco Express. Not forgetting, it’s about five times cheaper. And, it’s not the only thing in Clapham which is green. A stone’s throw from trendy Northcote Road is Clapham Common: a flytrap for fit men, and girls, in the summer. But I wouldn’t recommend walking through it as night, not unless you’re looking to get mugged or worse, sexually assaulted. It’s not safe after dark so don’t go there, even if it is a shortcut home. Finally, Clapham Junction is the busiest train station in Europe. Its connections are great and you can get to Waterloo of Victoria in seven minutes. Also, if you’ve just been dumped and, are in desperate need of some retail therapy, you can hop on a train to Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush. Happy days! By Georgette Culley. Georgette is the Features Editor at Talk to The press and a guest writer for Property People Local Area Guides Series
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