Should I get an Inventory?

Should I get an Inventory? Having an inventory is not a legal requirement. But it is a legal requirement for all landlords and agents to register tenancy deposits with a government authorised deposit protection service. And all deposit protections schemes highlight the importance of having an inventory or a schedule of condition in place for any tenancy. This advice is not to be taken lightly and there are plenty of good reasons why all deposit schemes recommend this. Because if there is ever a dispute at the end of a tenancy, an inventory can make proving your position a lot easier. According to the Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS), one of the major leading deposit protection services, since 2007 over 75% of the dispute cases they have received have been for damages and wear and tear caused to the property. It is our experience that in the absence of a signed inventory or a schedule of condition, all deposit protection services will lean heavily in the tenant’s favour. If you decide to go to court over the damages, even the court will not rule in the landlord’s unless proof is present in the form of a signed inventory or schedule of condition.
Some basic rules to follow regarding Inventories.
  • Both parties must since the inventory report at check in and check out.
  • Take evidence in the form of photo graphs or even video to illustrate any disparity at check-in and at check-out.
  • Keep all invoices/receipts for any items replaced or work carried out related to the damages caused.
  • It’s advisable to get an independent third party (usually a professional inventory clerk) to prepare and carry out an inventory check in and check out.
  • Note: At Property People we always advise our Landlords to have a professional inventory prepared at the start of the tenancy. Please let us know if you would like an inventory prepared when instructing us and we will ensure that a third party professional inventory clerk prepares a comprehensive and up to date inventory complete with photographs. Ready to let your property in the Southfields or Wimbledon Park area? Call us now on 02089467171 to arrange a no obligation free valuation or to discuss your requirements. By Asad Jamil. Branch Manager at Property People. Estate agents in Southfields
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