26 Mar 2014

Why should I hire an Estate Agent?

In an age of technology and instant information, many fields that were traditionally ruled by experts are now considered to be “do-it-yourself” jobs – photography, taxes, and travel agents, to name a few. Estate agents seem to have joined this group, as home owners search for short cuts in their transactions, and self-teach themselves information about the market, finances, and real estate.
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21 Mar 2014

Gazumping & Gazundering

Gazumping Every property buyer’s nightmare is called Gazumping. Gazumping is the situation whereby a seller accepts an offer on their property but at the last minute a higher bid from another buyer causes them to change their mind.
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22 Jan 2014

Clapham Area Guide

For those who don’t want to give up the student way of life, Clapham is the perfect place for you. Each year, thousands of graduates move into the area shortly after leaving uni.
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27 Nov 2013

Southfields Area Guide

Southfields, SW18 is a small town nestled between Wimbledon and Wandsworth offering a suburban and pseudo- village lifestyle to those not wishing to rack up their commuting mileage into the city for their daily commute. This area comes in two parts.
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14 Nov 2013

Multiple Agency vs. Sole Agency

A very popular dilemma experienced by landlords after deciding to sign up to one agency to sell or rent their property through is should they also instruct other agencies for the same job? The thought process behind this is that choosing to go down the multiple agency route will increase the chances of a faster let/ sell. There is no right or wrong answer but for landlords to understand what this would entail.
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